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While thinking of ways to demonstrate my uniqueness, I came across a beautiful origami crane. A crane was historically used as a symbol of Hope, Perseverance and Good fortune. I felt these values represent who I am as a person. This is why today, I chose to present it to you as values I will bring to your firm, if you choose to hire me.


Having been awarded my MSc in Sustainable Technology and a BEng (Hons) in Environmental Engineering from two leading UK universities, I gained skills in technical analysis and critical thinking.  My study and work experiences focused on problem solving and developing solutions that are sustainable and suits the broader purpose of the organisation that my team and I worked for.

Finally, I always had an inclination within me for Marketing and Branding work, mostly influenced by a creative flair I always had since I was a child. Hoping to combine both my creative and technical skills, I have created this website to effectively communicate my value to organisations.

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  • Date of birth
    July 19th 1993
  • Languages
    English, German, Tamil,Telugu
  • Hobbies
    Dance, Reading, Yoga,
  • Website
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Process Design Calculations


EIA & Site Investigation


Sustainability reporting


Life Cycle(Carbon & Water) Footprint analysis


Laboratory based research


Data Analysis



I found Akshara to be inquisitive and enthusiastic during her research project. Akshara is very much task driven who will complete her objectives with minimal fuss and attention.

Even though Akshara’s background in chemical engineering probably did not suit this more chemistry focussed project that was assigned to her, she was more than willing to move out of her comfort zone and was able to deliver a dissertation thesis of excellent quality.

Dr. Clint.A.Sharrad, Lecturer, The University of Manchester

Akshara came to ICA in October 2015 in response to a temporary position as ‘Customer Service Advisor’ her main duties were to answer the inbound calls and record and track faults with telephony platforms delivered to a large client base.

In her short time at ICA she has developed a process for fault logging, control of the company CRM and is both flexible and adaptable.

Akshara has integrated herself into the team offering valuable input for company improvements. Akshara has a varied transferable skill set that will lend itself to any environments and sector that is privileged to have her. She has been instrumental in project delivery and the speed at which she adapts to new skills and technologies is undeniable. Akshara has a true passion for her chosen profession and a master’s degree to evidence her ability.

I highly recommend Akshara and feel that she would be a valuable addition to any team

Pamela Blanchard, Director, ICA

 Akshara Gopinath has been interning with Auroville Consulting from July to August 2013. Akshara’s assignment was to research good practices for integrated waste management solutions and to develop performance based waste management benchmarks that can be adapted by educational institutions. This was part of a wider research on developing guidelines for sustaianble campuses/regernative campuses.

Akshara displayed great capacity to work independently, meeting timelines and in reducing complexity in order to arrive at workable solutions. She was remarkably self-motivated and commitetd and a real support to Auroville Consulting. We wish Akshara all the best in her future career and look forward to hear more about her work and accomplishments in the near future.

Martin Scherfler, Co-founder Auroville Consulting



Environmental Consultant, HMR Environmental Consultancy

February 2016 - Present

  • Main duties included working on diverse teams on various projects ranging from desalination plants to urban town development proposals.
  • I was involved in Environmental Impact Assessment, Social Impact Assessment and Cumulative Impact Assessment reports for the projects.
  • The data obtained was analysed, interpreted and the resulting impacts were identified, quantified and assessed based on severity and likelihood of occurrence for various environmental and social actors.
  • I also created a Stakeholder Consultation Framework to be utilised in the social impact assessments for the project.
  • Other duties involved were environmental audit reporting, researching processes and projects that could be put forward to the client.
Research Intern, Auroville Consulting

July - August 2014

  • Held responsibility for producing the chapter on waste management to be included in a white paper on The Development of Regenerative Campuses in India, which has now been published.
  • Examined various waste management processes that could be implemented within building structures in third world nations, that is feasible in budget and technology constraints.
  • Experience critical analysis of findings and producing innovative solutions that could be implemented on campuses that is economically and practically feasible.
  • Addressing challenges together with potential solutions during discussions to match the project criteria.
Environmental Intern, ELGI Equipment LTD

July - August 2012

  • Analysed working of the small-scale industrial water treatment plant on-site.
  • Familiarised myself with the environmental practices, legislation, limits and processes in an engineering organisation
  •  Collated information regarding design, working and environmental impact of the plant.
  • Researched the safety measures implemented by the organisation.
Student Representative - The University of Manchester

Oct 2014 - to Oct 2015

  • Successfully campaigned for and was elected as Student Representative for The University of Manchester MSc Environment and Sustainable Technology students.
  • Successfully led the appeal to increase the number of optional modules available for the students.
  • Lead the initiative to resolve various student concerns personally identified through various surveys & social media efforts.
  • Conducting formal student face-face meetings, emails and student assembly.
Social Secretary/Publicity Officer of The Dance Society - The University of Nottingham

Sep 2013 - May 2014

  • Elected Social Secretary for The Dance Society.
  • Organised an event as Social Secretary that won the Best Inter-Society Collaboration Award from the University of Nottingham, Student’s Union.
  • Successfully negotiated and organised various paid performances on and off campus.
  • Reviewed past performance of the society and introduced creative themes for future events that eventually resulted in a 15% increase in member participation for the academic year.


The University of Manchester

2014 - 2015

MSc Environment and Sustainable Technology – Merit

Modules –   Bio-refinery Engineering, Energy System, Distributed and Renewable Energy System, Nuclear Fuel Cycle, Sustainable Development and Industry 


  • Awarded first class in dissertation study titled “The Impact of Organics on the Enhanced Actinide Removal Process”. This study involved submission of an initial proposal along with a complete risk assessment and a final dissertation report which studied impact of organic compounds on the nuclear effluent treatment process and its relevance to the industry.
  • Producing various environmental performance and review reports as a part of my Sustainable Development and Industry study, which helped gain experience in the production of a Life Cycle Analysis using C Calc of a fizzy drink production plant.
  • Energy System study provided the opportunity to gain skills in specialised software STAR to design a Brayton-Rankine Combined Cycle Heat & Power Plant integrated with solar and wind power system.
The University of Nottingham


BEng (Hons) Environmental Engineering – 2:1

Modules : Advanced Transport Phenomena, Air Pollution, Environmental Management, Hazardous Waste Management, Water Treatment, Hydrology & Hydrogeology, Plant Design, Project Management


  • Awarded The University of Nottingham Bircumshaw Prize for having shown the most academic progress in the Engineering faculty for the academic year.
  • Design study project based on a Sulphuric Acid Replacement plant design accompanied by PID, PFD, GA drawings, economic analysis, mass & energy balances, environmental and sustainability report.
  • Plant design project based on the designing a waste water treatment process to enable recycling 45% of the up-stream processed water, not only meet environmental sulphur limit but also to reduce economic cost.
  • Introductory Geology project required guiding a team of 6 to complete a phase 1 desk study followed by phase 2 risk and impact assessment to obtain a first class grade.
  • Awarded a high second class for the environmental field course study which involved the analysis of soil samples, basic phase 1 desk study for a site and finally presenting an environmental impact assessment based on the results obtained.
Lund University and Coursera

February - March 2016

Greening the Economy: Sustainable Cities – 85% 

Completed an online certified course provided by the University of Lund regarding sustainable cities, economies and living labs.


Problem solving
Technical reasoning
Team work
Environmental Impact Assessment
Microsoft Word/Excel/Powerpoint/Visio
Site investigation
Creative thinking



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